Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas

March 17, 2009 • By Home

Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas

So who is the woman that stole Joe Jonas away from Taylor Swift? What brought Joe Jonas to call Taylor and break off the relationship so abruptly over the phone? Who’s decision was it to cast Camilla Belle in the Jonas Brothers music video Love Bug? So many unanswered questions, we feel the need to get to the bottom of all of this.

Lets get some facts on the mysterious Camilla Belle who stole one of our JoBro’s hearts.

● Camilla is a 22 year old Actress and Model, making her 3 years older than our Teen Heart Throb Joe.
● Camilla Belle Routh was born in Los Angeles, California
● Her mother, Cristina Routh, is a fashion designer and her father, Ghita Routh, owns a construction company
● Camilla’s families household is Catholic
● Camilla starred in her first national commercial when she was 9 months old
● At the age of 5 Camilla starred in the NBC show Trapped Beneath the Earth
● Her first movie role was in the film A Little Princess and her first lead in a movie was in the Disney Channel Original Movie Rip Girls in 2000
● She attended school at St. Paul, an Apostle Catholic School before transferring to Marlborough School (an elite school for girls in LA)
● Currently, Camilla is best known for her role in the movie 10,000 BC (and for dating Joe Jonas!)
● Camilla starred alongside Joe Jonas in the Jonas Brothers music video for the song Lovebug
● Camilla Belle is currently the face of Vera Wang’s perfume “Princess”
● Camilla lives with her parents and her grandmother, Deborah
● She has three dogs (Miniature Pinchers): Tokya, Evolet and Keiki
● She wants to be a classical pianist
● Her favorite place in the world is Brazil
● Camilla speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish
● Camilla Belle is involved with charity work including being the spokesperson for Kids With A Cause

Turns out Nick, Joe and Kevin all agreed that Camilla was a cutie and together asked her to appear in their music video Love Bug. The ironic thing is that Joe’s ex girlfriend Taylor Swift made an appearance in the Jonas Brothers music video Burnin’ Up. Joe and Camilla met face to face for the first time on the set of the music video and began their romance shortly afterward. The staff for the Jonas Brothers music video shoot for “Love Bug” had this to say about Camilla Belle, “She is a really good girl and it seems they share a lot of the same characteristics and morals.” At least Joe had the decency to not lead Taylor Swift on, and didn’t go behind her back to be with Camilla. Although we still heart Taylor!

Jonas Brothers “Love Bug” Official Music Video

Jonas Brothers “Burnin’ Up” Official Music Video

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