Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas Break Up!

March 25, 2009 • By Home

Camilla and Fernando

UPDATE: July 27, 2009 The couple seems to have split for good! Read more here!

It appears that Camilla Belle is either sneaking around on Joe Jonas or they have broken up and nobody is talking about it. Camilla Belle was spotted at the recent ATP tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California getting close with Fernando Verdasco who is a rising Tennis Star and is also of the same Brazilian heritage as Camilla. Last month Camilla admitted to GQ that she prefers Brazilian guys. “Brazilian men are comfortable with their sexuality, with sensuality,” she said. This girl has another thing coming if she thinks she can pull one over on Joe Jonas, but this could also be karma coming back around to bite Joe in the you know what after how he broke up with Taylor Swift!

Update: We have learned that Joe was all alone this weekend without Camilla by his side while she was out with her new tennis hunk and that she was the one that broke it off with Joe! We are also hearing rumors that we are having trouble believing that Camilla Belle and Fernando Verdasco are Engaged! If this is all true our hearts go out to Joe, but we have a feeling he can get pretty much any girl he wants!

Maybe that’s why Joe and Kevin went out to dinner solo this past week, maybe it was to talk about a certain girl?

Camilla Belle Fernando Verdasco

Even if Joe has done wrong by woman in the past, he doesn’t deserve to see his girlfriend being man handled by another guy!

Camilla Belle Fernando Verdasco Getting Close

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