Zac Efron Talks About 17 Again

April 6, 2009 • By Home


Zac Efron is super open to talking about his role in the upcoming movie 17 Again. Recently Zac sat down with MTV to talk about the film.

Zac talked about working with Chandler Bing from Friends: “I was already familiar with Friends, so I didn’t have to sit and watch all the seasons or anything like that. He’s got incredible timing. … We rehearsed a lot together, and Matthew was always available to hang out and work with me on my part [so I could play a younger him]. And we kind of did become friends during filming.”

On his time spent playing basketball in 17 Again, something we are all familiar with him doing in HSM: “It was originally in the script! I’m going to be honest — it was a plus. Like, all right, I can play basketball, and it’s a sport I feel you can show off in — which is important for this character and the movie. A pet peeve of mine is when people can’t actually do the sport that they are supposed to play on camera, so it’s nice to play basketball.”

On hoping to work alongside girlfriend Vanessa again: “Sure, I hope so. It’s always great getting to work with your best friend.”

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