PETA Appreciates Miley Cyrus

April 15, 2009 • By Home


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is recognizing Miss Miley after hearing of her kindness to the chickens on the set of her newest film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Miley took one of the chickens she found most special home with her to keep as a pet. She is also rumored to have sent a few more back with her mother to keep at their home.

PETA said about Miss Miley, “Miley’s heart is as big as her smile,” says Dan Shannon, PETA’s assistant director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns. “We hope that her act of compassion will inspire her fans to be kind to animals too.”

PETA sent Miss Miley a Compassionate Citizen Award and a card from their staff for her kindness towards the animals on the set of Hannah Montana.

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