Is Miley Cyrus Engaged? We Think Not.

April 19, 2009 • By Home


While numerous gossip blogs are reporting that Miss Miley and her underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston are engaged, we’d like to take the time to inform you that this information is totally bogus!

Long ago, Miley took a page out of the Jonas Brothers book of rules and began wearing a purity ring. This event happened right around the time of her Sweet 16 birthday at Disneyland where Miley dressed a little bit too skanky for Disney-executives and was asked to throw a ginormous glitzy ring on her ring finger – and she has worn it since (heck we would too if we had a diamond that big as a purity ring!).


If you’ll notice, the ring in the picture above is identical to the ring Miley wore while having a dinner date with Demi on April 4th.


Miss Miley is enjoying her money-making time right now, and has said in recent interviews that while she wants to get married and start a family within ten years, she is not interested in that right now, she’s too young!

So to all you rumor blogs out there, start making things up when Miley hits 18, but for now, just let her be a kid.

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