Disney Is Rumored To Buy The Rights To Twilight…Really?

April 20, 2009 • By Home


We’re not so sure about this, so we’re going to warn you all to take this as the rumor that it is, but we found it interesting and wanted to share!

The rumor is that Disney wants to acquire the rights to the Twilight books and turn them into movies. Why you ask? Well, Disney has realized how poorly the first film actually represented the book by Stephenie Meyer. Disney has supposedly said that they will pay $1 billion for the rights and will work alongside Stephenie to represent the series in the way she intended – which is not what happened in the Twilight movie that released recently.

Disney claims it can spend this kind of money on the movie, because it will make all the money back, plus more in the box office. The original Twilight movie was a major failure, but only in terms of how good it was, not by any means in terms of how much money it made (because we all know it made a lot!).

Oh yea, and the other rumor floating around is that the movie would star Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers (yea right!). We can’t picture that at all! Twilight is aimed at a different audience than Miss Miley or the JB’s usually reach, and we’re pretty sure most of Miley’s fans have never read the Twilight series.

While we don’t mind the idea of Disney re-making the recently released Twilight movie, we do mind seeing Miss Miley and the JoBro’s in it. We’d rather some lesser known Disney stars. Maybe Lucas Grabeel and Debby Ryan? Or heck, maybe even Zac and Vanessa…now that we think about it, that would be hot!

Anyway, Disney says that the only way to represent the movie accurately is to make two movies per book (8 movies!). That would turn the Twilight series into the next Harry Potter for sure! Maybe that’s Disney’s goal? Disney would also make money off of creating merchandise for the movies, which we all know they would drag out and release over a 16 year period. That would mean a lot of moola for the mouse.

Rumor or not, do you think this would be a good idea for Disney?

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