Does Vanessa Hudgens Want To See Other People

May 4, 2009 • By Home

Are Zac And Vanessa Breaking Up

Remember when Zac Efron said in an interview that he wasn’t interested in getting married until he was in his 40’s. Well, girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens is not so happy about that…still!

She is SO not interested in waiting around until she’s 40 to get married. Her friends have even said that she had expected a ring in the next couple of years: “When Vanessa heard about Zac’s plan to stay single for the next couple of decades she was shocked and shattered. She’d secretly hoped for an engagement ring within the next year or two!”

It is rumored that Vanessa wants to have the freedom to date other people right now, whether that means still dating Zac off and on or breaking it off entirely. But a source says Zac isn’t very happy with that: “Zac’s totally upset – he doesn’t want Vanessa dating anyone else. Even though he’s not ready to commit himself to settling down at this stage of his young life, the thought of Vanessa in another man’s arms drives him crazy.”

This doesn’t sound very good to us! Do you think Zac and Vanessa should stay together or do you think they’ve grown too much apart and want different things in life and should therefore start seeing other people?

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