Jesse McCartney Rumored To Be Dating Hayden Panettiere

May 7, 2009 • By Home

Hayden Panettiere

Hero’s star Hayden Panettiere recently broke up with her co-star Milo Ventimiglia and is now rumored to be dating Disney star Jesse McCartney. We don’t know about you, but to us these two guys seem totally different. Milo seems a bit rough around the edges where Jesse works to be super straight edge and suave. But maybe that’s why she’s with him if this rumor is true! In a recent interview Hayden made very clear, “I want a family. I want kids. I actually want a lot of kids. Not like ten, like four. And if it’s something that you go, ‘Oh I can’t wait to be a mom,’ that’s great, but think about it for your child and go, ‘I want to be a mom but I want to be the best mom I can be. And the only way to be the best mom I can be is by waiting until I’m no longer a child and waiting until I can teach them the best morals and raise them the best I can with a good education and a good platform. ‘”

Sounds to us like Hayden has babies on the brain – which means she might be trying to settle down with someone stable so she can start a family in the near future. What do you think?

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