Demi Lovato Talks About Working With John Mayer

June 10, 2009 • By Home

Demi Lovato Works With John Mayer

Demi Lovato said in a recent interview that she had a blast working with her music idol John Mayer. She said, “John Mayer’s been a huge influence on me. His songwriting really inspires me. You hear music that has the same chord progression, but what he does, he changes it up. There’s little things that make him stand out.”

As much as Demi loves John, she isn’t the one who set up the meeting for them to get together and work together. It turns out that John is the one that got in contact with Demi, by sending her a letter, asking her to work with him.

She continued to say, “He’s a really, really funny guy, and he talks a lot, so he’ll go off on something. … I had a great time. He taught me a lot about the business and gave me a lot of advice.”

Demi got to write some new songs with John: “He’d start writing lyrics and make it my own. It was really nice. One of the songs, he had written a lot on it, and we definitely wanted it to be a co-writing thing. So he was like, ‘Take it home and finish it,’ and I did, and he barely touched it. It was awesome. He really wanted it to be equal.”

If you could meet any musician and work together with them who would you want it to be?

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