How Taylor Swift And Kellie Pickler Became Friends

June 26, 2009 • By Home

Taylor Swift And Kellie Pickler

Tiger Beat Magazine recently sat down to chat with Taylor Swift and found out how she and Kellie Pickler became the great friends that they are. Taylor revealed, “Kellie and I met and got to know each other on the Brad Paisley tour. I was 17 and she was 20, and we were both on our first albums and one of our first tours. The way that the Paisley tour worked was that he had three opening acts, and it would alternate in rotation every night. One of us would go on first, one of us would go on last. So, one of the first things that bonded us was she got a kitten — the cat that she has now, Pickles — and she needed someone to look after her kitten when she would go on to play. She would leave the kitten with me or my mom. Then we started hanging out all the time, talking about boys, and just became fast friends.”

Aww, they bonded over a kitty – that is the cutest story ever! Who do you like best, Taylor or Kellie?

Quote Via Tiger Beat Magazine, Image Via Flickr

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