Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience Review

July 2, 2009 • By Home

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience DVD Review

So we watched the Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience movie yesterday and first off, where were the 3D glasses! How is it that the movie released to theaters in 3D but there wasn’t a 3D version released to DVD? We would have paid at least $5 extra for that!

After the initial disappointment we cheered up exponentially once we put the DVD in! We had seen the Jonas Brothers Burnin’ Up Tour in person and the DVD really captured all the focal points of the concert and it did make us feel as if we were there. The only difference we could see is that when we turned the television off our ears weren’t ringing the way they did when we actually attended the concert.

All in all the film was a great way to see the Jonas Brothers perform without having to pay the astronomical ticket price to do so in person. We loved all of the songs they played and we especially loved the introduction to the film with Big Rob trying to get Nick, Joe and Kevin to their destination.

Although, not going to lie, we don’t understand why it was necessary to release the movie to theaters, and we can see why it didn’t draw in the money the Walt Disney Company thought that it would. Don’t get us wrong, it was GREAT for DVD, and perfect to watch in the comfort of our own home, but they took a lot away from the concert experience when they tried to make it fit into the movie theater genre.

They kept stopping every few songs to show the JoBros traveling through screaming crowds of fans and changing really quick (although getting to see them shirtless was a plus!) and all of the random interludes between the concert retracted from the overall performance experience fans would have received by just seeing the concert all the way through (like Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds Concert movie).

Overall though we thought the JoBros performed fantastically, we loved their music, their stage presence, and just love them in general. What did you think of the film?

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