Demi Lovato "For The Love Of A Daughter" Song

July 3, 2009 • By Home

Demi Lovato And Her Sisters Dallas And Madison

Demi Lovato just recently spoke out about her estranged father, and in a recent interview she went even further to talk about what it was like for her when her parents got a divorce.

Turns out Demi wrote a song about the painful experience, which she titled “For the Love of a Daughter.” The song was co-written by The Academy’s Bill Beckett. Demi says about the song, “It’s a really emotional song for me. My parents got a divorce and it was difficult.”

Demi and her older sister Dallas, who is also working on a career in the music industry, were raised by their mother alone until she got remarried to the father of Demi’s younger sister Madison.

Demi continued by saying, “It was rough growing up for a while without a dad. But my stepdad is my father to me. He’s amazing.”

Quotes Via J-14 Magazine and Image Via Flickr

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