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July 9, 2009 • By Home

Jonas Brothers And Honor Society

Now that the Jonas Brothers have signed the band Honor Society, pictured above with Nick, Joe and Kevin, it’s time we all learn a little bit more about the group because we’re going to be hearing a lot from them lately!

First off, did you know that the drummer for Honor Society, Alexander Noyes, used to be part of the Jonas Brothers’ band? No wonder Honor Society’s beats sound very similar to the JoBros!

The foursome has been opening for some of the Jonas Brothers concerts during their current tour. Honor Society has a sound very similar to the Jonas Brothers, a mix of pop and rock.

The Honor Society’s schedule has gotten extremely busy lately. Even though the Jonas Brothers have the night off from performing next Thursday, Honor Society isn’t so lucky. The group will instead be opening for Mitchel Musso at the Six Flags Great Adventure park in Jackson, New Jersey.

So far the group has not released a full album yet, but they have released mini CDs, called EPs, which are usually comprised of 4-7 songs each. Right now Honor Society only plays 4 songs before the start of each JoBro concert, before second opener Jordin Sparks comes on stage, but soon they hope to be touring on their own and sharing more of their music with fans.

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