Ashley Tisdale "Guilty Pleasure" Album Review

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Ashley Tisdale Guilty Pleasure

So how exciting is this news! We got to listen to Ashley Tisdale’s album in advance of the July 28, 2009 release date, so we can keep you all up to date on what it’s like so you know if you want to buy it!

Here is the track listing for “Guilty Pleasure” :

1. Acting Out – 3:47
2. Its Alright, It’s OK – 3:01
3. Masquerade – 2:57
4. Overrated – 3:41
5. Hot Mess – 3:28
6. How Do You Love Someone – 3:28
7. Tell Me Lies – 3:39
8. What If – 4:24
9. Erase And Rewind – 3:28
10. Hair – 3:10
11. Delete You 3:35
12. Me Without You – 4:14
13. Crank It Up – 3:01
14. Switch – 3:39

Now for the fun part – here’s what we thought of each of the songs!

Acting Out
– This first song on the album gives the CD a strong opening. With an orchestra opening for Ashley, she starts singing with a much stronger voice than we are used to from her. The song is about her taking control, and how she isn’t going to stay in a cage anymore. The title “Acting Out,” is about everyone seeing a different side of her that they haven’t seen before.

It’s Alright It’s OK – This song was the first single released off of Ashley’s album. The music video was directed by her current boyfriend Scott Speer and it definitely shows the type of music Ashley is going for on this album. With punchy lyrics and a strong voice, Ashley turns this angry situation into a pop song.

Masquerade – This is the second single off of the “Guilty Pleasure” album. The song is fun, and much darker than Ashley’s usual music. Ashley bounces on every beat in the song and the lyrics are about trying on someone else’s life and seeing what it’s like.

Overrated – This song is about being yourself, and how being someone else is “Overrated.” The song isn’t as punchy as many of the others on the album, but it is easy to nod your head to the beat and get lost in the song, especially during the chorus.

Hot Mess – Hands down our favorite song on the album. This song is fantastic, it takes a minute for you to realize why, but as soon as you hear the chorus you get it. “You wake up in your bra and your makeup…cars in the driveway parked sideways…yea I know this is killing me, I’m leaving every piece of my conscious behind…I’m such a hot mess with you….”

How Do You Love Someone – We sure hope Ashley isn’t singing this song about her parents! “Momma never taught me how to love, Daddy never told me how to feel…” The song is about figuring out how to love someone.

Tell Me Lies – This song has a really fun beat right from the start. One thing about this entire album is that Ashley has put a lot of thought and emotion into all of the songs and it definitely works out for the better that way. It’s a very strong album. When the chorus comes in during this song Ashley sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson as the music blares alongside her voice.

What If
– We love this slow song on the album. It is a meaningful song and A.Tis sings it beautifully. This is one of the few songs on the album that Ashley isn’t screaming in, and we love to hear her this way!

Erase And Rewind – Love this song! “Guess I should leave this behind, guess I should erase and rewind!” Great beat, great lyrics, great all around song! Props to her band on this one, they did a great job!

Hair – Alright, love the song, but really A.Tis? “I like what you do to my hair, who knew that looking a mess could feel so good? I like what you do to my hair, tossing it teasing it, run your fingers through it, oh how you do it. Go ahead, mess it up, mess it up…” Interesting lyrics, that’s for sure!

Delete You
– With now being the age of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter this song is very relevant! The song is about getting upset with someone and then “Deleting” them from your life. “Burning up, all your pictures, tearing up, all your letters, ripping up all your sweaters, this is, this is for the better…”

Me Without You – The only other slow song on the album with Ashley peacefully singing rather than screaming with emotion. A passionate song about needing someone there with you when nothing is going right, and about that person making you feel beautiful.

Crank It Up – If Ashley didn’t get her inspiration for this song from Lady Gaga or Rhianna we would be REALLY surprised! And of course we love the song! A very fun beat, definitely a song we would love to see her perform live.

Switch – The introduction sounds Jesse McCartney-ish, but once A.Tis starts singing we melt. It sounds like something Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez would do together, so of course we love the song!

Are you planning on buying the album on July 28th?

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