Zac Efron Orson Welles Movie

August 7, 2009 • By

Zac Efron is in a new film called “Me And Orson Welles.” The film premiered last year at the Toronto Film Festival, however the movie never released in the United States.

The film is about a teenager, played by Zac, who has been hired by Orson Welles to star in a production of “Julius Caesar.” During the production he falls in love with the production assistant, played by Claire Danes.

Below is a list of actors in the film:

- Zac Efron
- Claire Danes
- Christian McKay
- Ben Chaplin
- Eddie Marsan
- Zoe Kazan
- James Tupper
- Kelly Reilly

Check out the clip of Zac Efron in the film above and let us know what you think!