Walt Disney Blu-Ray Combo Packs

August 12, 2009 • By Home
Disney Blu Ray Combo Packs

Remember the Disney Blu-Ray DVD’s we were talking about the other day – and how they were going to cost $45 in stores and online – Disney has decided that this concept is going to work for them and they will continue producing Combo Pack DVDs through December 2010.

Disney decided to continue with the Combo Pack program after an online survey of US home entertainment consumers said that 77% of consumers would embrace Blu-Ray technology in the near future and that the Combo Packs were viewed as a better value than buying a regular DVD or Blu-Ray alone.

The Combo Packs come with the Disney movie as well as 1-3 additional DVDs with bonus features on them.

The first Disney Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack was introduced in the Fall of 2008. Upcoming Disney titled that will get the Combo Pack treatment include the movies we previously mentioned, “UP” and “Monsters Inc.” as well as “Tinker Belle and the Lost Treasure,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Santa Buddies,” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Popular Disney movies “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” “Bolt,” “Bedtime Stories,” “Pinocchio,” and “Race To Witch Mountain,” are already available in Disney Blu-Ray Combo Packs.

Have you purchased, or will you be purchasing, any of these Combo Packs?

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