Selena Gomez’s Band Name Is “Selena Gomez And The Scene”

August 13, 2009 • By Home
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez took to Twitter to alert all of her fans that her album would not just be titled “Kiss And Tell” by Selena Gomez, but rather “Kiss And Tell” by Selena Gomez And The Scene.

Selena has said from even before her music career started that if she ever made an album she wanted to be part of a band rather than just be the headlining name on the album.

We’re sure that once her album releases we will begin to hear more about her band and they will be marketed as one musical package, but right now to drum up hype for the album we have only been hearing about “Selena’s album.”

Are you excited she is part of a band, or do you wish it was just her?

Image Via Flickr

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