Walt Disney World Re-Opens Tomorrowland Transit Ride

September 12, 2009 • By Home
Tomorrowland Transit Authority

The relaxing ride at Walt Disney World, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, has been re-opened after being shut down for months.

As we assumed while we were in Walt Disney World late last month, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority was closed down while there was work being done on the Tomorrowland ride Space Mountain. While Space Mountain is not going to be open again until late November the Transit Authority cars now have the O.K. to take its normal route through the Space Mountain ride.

The Transit Authority journeys above the park, but stays only in the Tomorrowland section. The Transit Authority goes inside the Space Mountain ride, which was the reason for the closure.

It sounds as if the Transit Authority ride has been given a new coat of paint and has been updated with colored lights on the rides track to give it a more updated feel. This is one of our favorite rides to go on when our feet need a break and we want to cool off when we travel to the Disney parks!

Image Via Flickr

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