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Honor Society “Fashionably Late” Album Review

September 18, 2009 • By
Honor Society Fashionably Late

We just listened to the entire “Fashionably Late” album from Honor Society and we have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The members of Honor Society include Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee and Alexander Noyes (former drum player for the Jonas Brothers).

The album was Executive Produced by The Jonas Brothers.

Here is the track listing:

1. Over You – written by Nick Jonas, P.J Bianco, Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee

2. Full Moon Crazy – written by Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee, Greg Garbowsky

3. My Own Way – written by Nick Jonas, P.J. Bianco, Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee

4. Two Rebels – written by Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee

5. Why Didn’t I – written by Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Jay Levine

6. Goodnight My Love – written by Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Jay Levine

7. Here Comes Trouble – written by Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes, Andrew Lee, Jared Scharff, Ross Golan

8. See U In The Dark – written by Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen

9. Nobody Has To Know – written by Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee

10. Sing For You – written by Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee, Alexander Noyes, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas

11. Rock With You – written by Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas II, John Fields

12. Don’t Close The Book – written by Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee

BONUS Track Where Are You Now – written by Tom Higgenson

Honor Society displayed some of these songs when they toured as the opening band for the Jonas Brothers Concerts, but they are currently embarking on their own tour – called the Fashionably Late Tour. Click here to find out when their concerts are!

Read our review of each song below:

We must admit that Honor Society’s first single titled “Over You” is still our favorite song off of the album. It is the first song on the album and it is very upbeat and fun to dance to!

The second song, “Full Moon Crazy,” is used for Honor Society’s tour title. We think it has a great beat and we love to nod our head to the song. The beat is fun and exciting and it’s definitely a great song! It sounds very much like an N’Sync Song!

The third song on the album, “My Own Way,” is much slower but has a great message! It sounds to us like a song David Archuleta would sing!

Number four is called “Two Rebels.” We love the way the song starts. We think it sounds a lot like the Jonas Brothers! Have you heard the song? Would you agree?

The song “Why Didn’t I” is very fun and we love that it talks about things that teens can relate to! “I shoulda listened to that little voice inside my head/When I saw her in the study typing on her Mac./The place was packed, but I still felt like we were all alone,/Then I started to lose my nerve…why am I taking so long?/I had a million questions running up inside my head:/Is she lonely? Is she tired? Does she got a man?/What does she wear in bed?/But I just stood there frozen and she got away.”

“Goodnight My Love” is another slow song on the album. We love Honor Society’s voices! All of these songs are making us so relaxed!

“Here Comes Trouble” is a song with a bit more rock in it. We love the lyrics and the beat “She’s a heart breaker like a masterpiece, but she was looking even better than me!” We can see Britney Spears singing a song very similar to this.

“See U In The Dark” is another song that reminds us of a mix between the Jonas Brothers songs on their second album and the songs on their third album. The guitar on this song is awesome!

The next song on the album “Nobody Has To Know” is another song that is a bit more rock on the album. We really enjoy it!

“Sing For You” starts off with a lot of energy and we love it! We also think the lyrics are fantastic: “There is a time for everyone, where they’ll decide who they’ll become.” We’re not surprised at all that both Nick and Joe Jonas worked on this song.

All of the Jonas Brothers worked on the song “Rock With You” and you can totally tell. It sounds like something off of their most recent album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.” The vocals even sound very similar to Joe Jonas’. We have to admit, this is one of our favorite songs on the whole CD!

“Don’t Close The Book” this song is very romantic and we think a lot of hard work went into writing the lyrics for it. It’s really cute, and we like it a lot.

The bonus track, “Where Are You Now” was written by Tom Higgenson from the Plain White T’s. We’re really glad that this song was included on the album – it’s another one of our favorites!

Have you bought Honor Society’s “Fashionably Late” yet? If so, which songs are your favorite?

Image Via Flickr