Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Dating?

September 20, 2009 • By Home
Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Valentines Day

Not yet! But rumor has it that Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner might possibly be crushing on each other!

Both celebrities are in the upcoming movie “Valentines Day,” where they have a kissing scene with each other. Taylor L has also said in many interviews that he thinks Taylor S is an awesome girl.

Taylor S has also said in interviews that she is Team Taylor when it comes to the Twilight series rather than Team Robert Pattinson (Team Jacob vs. Team Edward for you Twilight Fans!).

The only issue we see here is that Selena Gomez, who is, or was, great friends with Taylor S has also dated Taylor L. And from what we have heard there is a chance he even cheated on her! Either way the two are not together anymore and we’re hoping that both Taylor’s have cleared this relationship with Selena if it is really going to happen! We don’t want anyone to get hurt here!

Do you think Taylor and Taylor should date? We think they would be cute together but both being named Taylor makes it really confusing!!!

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