What Is Haley Joel Osment Up To?

October 6, 2009 • By Home
Haley Osment Emily Osment

We have heard so much about Emily Osment in the news lately, from her upcoming EP album “All The Right Wrongs” as well as her performance on Hannah Montana, but we haven’t heard anything about her brother, Haley Joel Osment.

Born in 1988, Haley became a household name after the movie “The Sixth Sense” premiered. He has done tons of television shows, voice overs and movies, but between 2007 and 2009 he was nowhere to be seen.

Still we haven’t seen Haley in the news, but IMDB does say he has 2 movies on the way! These movies are:

– Montana Amazon (2009) – in post-production
– Truth & Treason (2009) – in pre-production

Are you excited to see Haley’s come back?

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