Miley Cyrus Deletes Twitter Account For Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth

October 8, 2009 • By Home
Miley Cyrus

Woah! We didn’t see this one coming!

Recently Miley Cyrus has been pretty upset on Twitter about how blogs are spreading rumors about her – so much so that she has decided to delete her Twitter account.

Miley’s last Twitter post was: “@mileycyrus FYI Liam doesn’t have a twttr & he wants ME 2 delete mine w/ gd reason.”

We’re not sure that deleting her account, with over 2 million followers, was the best course of action for Miley. She could have just not written so much, and shared so many intimate details with everyone on the account. Miley treated her account as if it were a personal account, and then was upset that the media wrote about her personal information. With that many followers you can’t expect everyone to ignore what you write.

We’re a little upset that Miley decided to leave Twitter on account of Liam, we would have liked her to have left on her own accord, if she really had to leave at all.

But we have a feeling Miley will realize that she wants the attention on Twitter again once her and Liam aren’t in the beginning stages of their relationship anymore.

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