Miley Cyrus Is Back On Twitter

October 8, 2009 • By Home
Miley Cyrus Twitter

UPDATE: Twitter was having Cashing Issues with its site which made it look like Miley’s account was back up and running, however it was not.

Looks like Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter – although how long it will last we’re not sure.

All of Miley’s posts from after yesterday, October 7th, have been deleted. There is no trace of her comments about wanting to leave Twitter because Liam thought she should.

Miley’s mother Tish is still not back on Twitter.

Looks like the trending topic #MileyComeBack worked and Miley decided to come back to the social networking site for her fans.

So what do you think – was this a publicity stunt or was Miley genuinely over being a part of Twitter and sharing her experiences with fans?

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