David Archuleta “Christmas From The Heart” Album Review

October 15, 2009 • By Home

Now let us just preface this morning. It’s so super cold out, we’ve got our Snuggie nearby, and we’ve been thinking of making some hot cocoa since we woke up – and now we’re listening to David Archuleta’s new holiday album “Christmas From The Heart.” This morning is pretty close to perfect!

Below is our review of each song on the album – but let us just say that overall the CD is one of the best holiday albums we have heard. Many of our favorite Christmas songs are included on the CD and David makes each song his own by adding special changes and melodies that aren’t normally on the tracks.

Check out our review below:

1. Melodies of Christmas: This is a great opening track for the album. David’s voice is priceless and the song sets the holiday spirit for the rest of the CD. The images that the song conjures, from caroling to sitting in front of a fire, make us really wish it was snowing outside this morning and we had a decorated Christmas tree in our living room.

2. Ave Maria: This is one of the most popular Christmas songs out there and David does a beautiful rendition. His voice is always so perfect and takes you to a different place when you listen to it. We love hearing David singing in another language other than English – he does an amazing job!

3. Riu Riu Chiu: Yet another song in another language for David! The music on this track makes us feel like we are in an old holiday movie. This is one of our favorite tracks on the “Christmas From The Heart” album.

4. What Child Is This: It’s amazing how David can go from singing an upbeat song to singing a soft, almost lullaby, song. We’re extremely impressed with his range! A great song!

5. Pat-A-Pan: Okay, we LOVE this song! We might not understand the words he’s singing in the beginning, but it’s really fun and upbeat and makes us smile! As David moves into English we start nodding our head and singing along. Definitely one of our favorites!

6. I’ll Be Home For Christmas: One of the most popular Christmas songs out there, and David does one of the best jobs we’ve ever heard! Every time we hear this song we think of the Muppet Family Christmas movie – but listening to David sing the song gives us just as much of a nostalgic feeling at hearing the Muppets sing!

7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: A Christmas classic that David does a beautiful rendition on! David didn’t change this song too much from the original – and we appreciate that! The song features the popular Charice Pempengco – who has an utterly beautiful voice and helps David out immensely on the track!

8. O Holy Night: A great Christmas classic! This song holds a lot of meaning for many people during the holidays and David does a great job putting meaning into his words as he sings.

9. The First Noel: A fun song with the a happy beat that David follows closely throughout the song. David does a great job on this holiday classic!

10. Silent Night: Another well-known holiday song that David does a beautiful rendition of. He is so good at singing in a mellow tone to make the song serious yet happy. We don’t know how he does it!

11. Joy To The World: Love this song! Super upbeat and a great melody from David! We love that most of these songs start off with David humming along – it’s so cute! The Christmas bells added into this song give it something really special.

12. Angels We Have Heard On High: This is one of our favorite holidays songs and David does an amazing job with it. He has such a big voice for someone his age! We are so impressed with this album – and we hope you feel the same way!

13. O Come All Ye Faithful: We used to sing this song all the time in chorus in middle school and high school and it definitely brings back a lot of holiday memories for us. We’re glad that David can now be part of those memories!

We think this is one of the best holiday albums ever released and we’re glad that David had both slow and upbeat songs on the album to show off his range. We will definitely have this on repeat today! If you have heard the album what are your thoughts on the songs?

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