Emily Osment “All The Right Wrongs” EP Review

October 27, 2009 • By Home
Emily Osment All The Right Wrongs

Emily Osment’s EP album “All The Right Wrongs” releases today to iTunes and stores. Below you can check out our review of the songs on the album:

– All The Way Up: The first single released off of Emily’s “All The Right Wrongs” album. This is by far our favorite song on the EP, it’s very fun and makes us want to get up and dance!

– Average Girl: This song is about being dumped on Valentines Day – bummer! This song is a bit slower than the first one, but the guitar makes this song what it is. Emily displays her range of vocals on this track and we love it! This song is really catchy and by the second verse we were already singing along.

– Found Out About You: This opening of this song immediately reminded us of a song by the artist Pink. This is another song about liking someone who has found someone else to be with – yikes! This is definitely a great album if you’ve recently gone through a breakup! We really like the song though, Emily is great at creating catchy beats that you can’t help but nod your head to.

– I Hate The Homecoming Queen: LOVE this song! This song is super fun and catchy and the lyrics are really well written. This song reminds us a lot of songs by Bowling For Soup. Absolutely our second favorite song on the album.

– You Are The Only One: This song has a catchy beat and a good message. This is one of the slower songs on Emily’s album, but still a great listen! The guitars pick up during the chorus and definitely add something very special to the song.

– What About Me: The slowest song on Emily’s album. This is a beautiful song and you can tell Emily put a lot of effort into this album. We love the lyrics in this song as well!

Have you picked up a copy of Emily’s EP album “All The Right Wrongs” yet? If not, we highly recommend it!

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