Justin Bieber “My World” Album Review

November 17, 2009 • By Home
Justin Bieber My World Album Cover

Alright, we have been looking forward to this album for such a long time, and are SO excited that it is finally here! We wanted to share our review of Justin Bieber’s “My World” album with you just in case you haven’t purchased it yet! This is one of the best albums we have heard in a while, and we highly recommend going out and picking up a copy!

1. One Time: This first song on the album, “One Time,” is the second song we ever heard from Justin. We listen to this song on repeat for hours during the day. It’s so upbeat that you can’t help but be happy when you listen to, and if you’re not nodding your head to the song, or heck getting up and dancing while it’s on, we’d be surprised! We LOVED watching Justin perform this song on The Ellen Show – his dance moves rocked!

2. Favorite Girl: This is the song that Justin dedicated to Taylor Swift months ago. It is his latest song to release and we’re in love with it. While it’s a bit slower than his other songs it still has a catchy beat and it is sure to put a smile on your face. Justin performs this song a lot live, and it definitely showcases his intense talent. We bet anyone who finds the golden ticket in Justin’s album and gets a private concert with him will be so excited if he sings this song!

3. Down To Earth: We knew as soon as this song started off slow that it would become faster after a few minutes, or else it wouldn’t be a typical Justin Bieber song! While it is still a lot slower than the other songs on the album it maintains a fun beat that you can tap your feet to. Justin’s songs all have a great meaning in the lyrics.

4. Bigger: OMG we’re loving the beginning of this song. After seeing Justin and Usher dancing on The Ellen Show today we can totally seeing them having a dance off to this track. We think this is one of the most fun songs on the album!

5. One Less Lonely Girl: This is the first song we had ever heard from Justin. The song was so heartfelt and the tune is so catchy that once we start listening we can never get it out of our head (which is a good thing!). We think this song is going to get super popular all over again come Valentines Day!

6. First Dance: This song features Usher and is all about making your first dance special. We really like the melody on this song, we can’t help but sway in our seat when we listen to it! The lyrics are super cute too!

7. Love Me: We can barely contain our energy when this song comes on – it makes us want to get up and bust a move! When we first heard this song we really liked the intro and were bouncing our head along with the beat, but when the chorus came on we couldn’t help but laugh. We LOVE that Justin used an old song and made it his own. The lyrics are fun, the beat is fantastic, and all in all it’s one of our favorite songs on the album.

8. Common Denominator: This is the Bonus Track on the album. We love the instruments on this track and Justin’s voice sounds amazing. And yet again, the song starts slow and then gets a bit faster halfway through. The lyrics are fun and the beat is enthusiastic! We’re loving it!

Alright so now you know how we feel about Justin’s album, so spill it – what’s your opinion of Justin’s debut album “My World”?

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