Disney’s Princess Tiana Just One Kiss Doll Review And Giveaway

December 8, 2009 • By Home
Princess Tiana Just One Kiss Doll

This is SUCH a beautiful doll! Made by Mattel, this Disney Princess Tiana “Just One Kiss” doll was the winner of FunFare Magazine’s “Holiday Hot Dozen” toys this holiday season.

The Princess Tiana doll is dressed in a gorgeous blue gown with sequence on it and has a sparkly blue bow around her waist. In her hand, the Princess Tiana doll is holding Prince Naveen in his frog form.

When you bring Prince Naveen up to Tiana’s lips for a kiss, Tiana turns her head, refusing to kiss him because “…I did not wish for a Prince,” she says.

The following is written on the back of the box:

“Tiana has so many big dreams, but kissing a frog is not one of them. Not one little bit, even if the green little critter is actually a real prince under a voodoo spell. What will happen if she does kiss the frog after all?”

If you thought Princess Tiana would kiss Prince Naveen you were right!

Prince Naveen says “Just one…, “and Princess Tiana answers: “…Just one kiss?”

When Princess Tiana does give Prince Naveen a kiss something really special and magical happens – her dress lights up with firefly lights and plays magical sounds!

The Princess Tiana doll retails for $24.99 and can be found at numerous retailers nation wide.

Fill out the contest form below to enter to win this beautiful doll. The contest ends on December 25th.

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