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Toy Story

Disney-Pixar has a new line of Toy Story products, the Toy Story Definitive Collection. Products in the collection range from $16.99 to $79.99 and are sure to be on the top of many kids wish lists this year.

The line consists of toys that replicate the Toy Story characters more accurately than ever – including packaging identical to the way the character Andy received them in the film.

Below you can check out information on just a few of the products offered in the Disney-Pixar Toy Story Definitive Collection, but be sure to visit DisneyStore.com to see more!


One of the products in the line is a Sheriff Woody Action Figure that retails for $64.99. This highly detailed collectors deluxe edition Woody is the most accurate replica every produced of the character! And even though that’s cool enough, there’s more! Woody is interactive – which means if you talk to him he’ll respond with “Andy’s Room Woody” phrases.

More features include:
– 50 sayings when you pull Woody’s string
– He responds to your tone of voice differently, depending on if you’re whispering or yelling
– Woody has a soft rag doll body
– His paint details are accurate to the Disney/Pixar film data files
– He comes with a display stand
– He is 15″ tall
– Woody comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
– Woody is sized to ride the Andy’s Toy Collection: RC Car (sold separately)

Toy Story Woody Car

For $49.50 you can get the Toy Story Remote Control “RC” Buggy with Woody included! RC is the name of Andy’s favorite Toy Story car, which now you can control the movements of! Whether forward, reverse, left or right, you have the power in the palm of your hand with RC’s wireless remote.

This 9″ long car set comes with a stunt ramp and cones for fast-action fun! The car lights up too!

Buzz Lightyear

If you’re favorite Toy Story character is Buzz Lightyear you are in for some fun if you pick up your own Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure for $24.50.

Features of this awesome toy include:
– Five different Buzz Lightyear phrases
– Voice sampler and sound effects
– Wing release – just like in the movie!
– Press Buzz’s arm laser button for laser light and sounds!
– Buzz’s helmet is retractable, and his joints are poseable
– Buzz’s Space Ranger suit can glow in the dark too!
– Buzz stands 12″ tall

Toy Story Rex

One of our favorite Toy Story characters is Rex the dinosaur, and now you can collect the Rex Action Figure for $64.95. This is the most accurate replica ever made of Rex and features a motorized arm and head! When you talk to Rex he’ll respond with both movements and sound in the same voice you know and love from the film!

More features of Rex include:
– If you turn Rex’s tail you will activate his talking and roaring feature and his hands and head will move
– Rex will respond accordingly depending on the level of your voice
– Rex’s body is Vinyl and he stands 13″ tall
– Rex comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Toy Story Army Men

A lot of kids love to play with army soldiers, and what better kind than the Toy Story Collection: Bucket O Soldiers? For $16.95 you can get 72 soldiers straight from the Toy Story movie complete with a reusable storage bucket! These soldiers are plastic and stand up to 2 1/2″ tall.

Toy Story Aliens

Other fun characters from the Toy Story movies were the Space Aliens! These guys were so cute and we can only imagine how many fans of Toy Story would love to own the Toy Story Collection: Space Aliens 3 Pack! The pack includes three aliens, all with different facial expressions. These little guys are 5″ tall and are made of hard plastic. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity and have film-accurate paint details!

Are you planning on picking up any of these toys for someone special in your family this Holiday Season? We sure are!

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