Is Miley Cyrus Done With Pop Music Forever?

December 11, 2009 • By Home
Miley Cyrus Pop Music

In a recent interview Miley Cyrus made it pretty clear that she hopes to be done with pop music. She said:

“I want to do my last pop record, I’m working on a record right now. I kinda want this to be my last record for a little while and be able to take a break and just get all the types of music that I really love…you know my favorite styles. And be able to have something edgier and not have to worry about people saying, ‘Oh, this isn’t what her fans want to listen to.’ Because in a few years, as I grow up, so will my fans and I won’t have to focus on that as much and I’ll be able to have more of the sound of music that I’m into.”

Does it make you feel bad that Miley doesn’t like the kind of music she’s been recording recently (and that we’ve all been buying)?

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