ABC’s “LOST” Producers Promise Answers This Season

January 13, 2010 • By Home

February 2nd marks the premiere of the final season of ABC’s hit television show “Lost.”

While the shows creators have warned that not every question will be answered (because honestly there’s just too many!) they will try their best.

Executive Producer Carlton Cuse said: “If we tried to answer every question, it would be very pedantic. Hopefully there will be a healthy cocktail of answers, mystery, character resolutions, and some surprises.”

The first episode will pick up exactly where last season left off – when a nuclear bomb was detonated on the island.

Carton continued: “We came up with the final image of the show a long time ago, when we started plotting the mythology of the first season. A lot of the character stuff will get worked out as we go along… We have a sense of where we are going to end the show, but we are still in the process of executing it.”

How do you think the final season of Lost is going to play out?

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