Sue Wong For Walt Disney Signature “Alice In Wonderland” Line

January 15, 2010 • By Home

Designer Sue Wong has announced that she will be launching a new line of clothing under the title “Sue Wong for Walt Disney Signature.” The line is full of high-end dresses inspired by Disney’s upcoming film “Alice In Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton.

While the movie doesn’t hit theaters until March 5th, the line is expected to be in stores in February.

Sue’s pieces are influenced by the characters Alice, the White Queen, the White Rabbit, the Flower Garden and the Red Queen.

Sue says about the line: “I have long been mesmerized by the fantastical tales of Alice and her surrealistic adventures in Wonderland and am thrilled to be collaborating with Disney on this project. This classic story, along with Tim Burton’s inspired interpretation, lends itself especially well to my design aesthetic, which is whimsical and fun, while adding yet another element of creativity and expression to my artistic process. It is an honor to help bring this marvelous tale to life.”

Director of Disney Lifestyle Collections for Disney Consumer Products, Robert Oberschelp, said about the collaboration: “Disney has been influencing fashion trends for several years thanks in part to the universal appeal of our characters and to the inspiration from such creative works of art as Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. Our collaborations with top designers like Sue Wong have also enabled us to keep our lifestyle collections fresh and vibrant serving up an aspirational effect with consumers and Disney fans of all ages.”

Sue’s inspired dresses will range from $329 to $609 and will be available in a number of department stores.

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