Taylor Swift Talks About Next Album After “Fearless”

January 26, 2010 • By Home

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Taylor Swift talked about her next album after “Fearless.” She said:

“I like to have two years in between albums, so if you take Fearless and go forward two years, that’s my ideal place to put out the next record, because I think two years of growth and development and feelings and life intake, love intake, emotion output, is my preferred formula for albums right now.

I write as life happens to me, and I’m writing so much lately. It’s been crazy. So I think that it’s fun making an album, knowing that two days before you’re scheduled to have the last master in, and everything finished, and they’re about to go print up the booklets, I can write something, call up my producer, we can get in the studio, put a rush on it, get an overnight mix, and that can be a last-minute addition to the record. I’ve had that happen on both my first and second album, the last minute, 11th hour songs.”

We can’t wait for Taylor’s next album!

Source: www.rollingstone.com, Image Via Flickr

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