Miley Cyrus Movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud” With Demi Moore

January 28, 2010 • By Home

A new project has been announced for Miley Cyrus – a movie called “LOL: Laughing Out Loud.” The movie is a remake of a French movie made in 2008, and it is likely that Demi Moore will play Miley’s mom in the movie.

In the film, Miley’s character has been cast off by her boyfriend and decides to pursue his best friend, while at the same time her mother is divorced and is finding it difficult to restart her life as a single lady while trying to maintain a relationship with her daughter.

The new version of the film will be written and directed by the original writer/director of the French film, Lisa Azuelos.

Does this sound like a movie you would be interested in seeing?

Source:, Image Via Flickr

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