Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique DVD Review

February 1, 2010 • By Home

On February 9, 2010 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique DVD will be hitting store shelves and retailing for $19.99.

The DVD includes 4 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse starring Minnie.

The first episode on the DVD is titled “Minnie’s Pajama Party.” Minnie invites all her friends over for a pajama party and needs our help to cut the right amount of slices in the pie so everyone can have a snack, and she also needs our help dividing the room up so everyone has an equal amount of space to put their sleeping bag.

The sleepover is going great, and everyone has just had an awesome dance party, when Goofy tries to tell a story and ends up scaring everyone! But it’s alright, that noise we were hearing outside was just an owl, and the knock on the door was just Pete!

The pajama party gets back underway when Giant shows up and Mickey gets a great idea – since Giant can’t fit in the house, everyone will bring the PJ party outside and sleep under the stars!

What a super cute episode starring Minnie and all of her friends!

In the second episode on the DVD “Minnie’s Bow-Tique” Minnie opens a new store that sells bows and bowties of all kinds. The viewers have to help Minnie with the grand opening of her store.

We love the music in this episode, especially when Minnie sings about her new Bow-Tique.

Everything is going great with Minnie’s store grand opening, until Pete shows up. Pete wants to check out the bows, but he doesn’t want to be seen shopping for one. In his attempt to remain unseen Pete causes a bit of a mess – but it’s ok, we can fix it with the help of Mickey Mouse and his friends of course!

The third episode on the DVD is titled “Minnie’s Bee Story.” In this episode we meet the character Buzz Buzz The Bee who has been blown away from his flower by the wind – and we must help him get back!

But what will the characters do when Buzz Buzz disappears? Now we have to find him! Keep an ear open and listen for Buzz Buzz’s buzzing so we can find him and help him get home to his flower!

We love how many characters appear in these episodes aside from the main characters:
– Mickey Mouse
– Minnie Mouse
– Donald Duck
– Daisy Duck
– Goofy
– Pluto

The final episode on the DVD is called “Minnie’s Picnic.”

In this episode, Minnie wants to have a picnic for 12 friends, and everyone must pitch in to help! Even viewers! Help Donald and Daisy count the plates to make sure there are enough for everyone at the picnic and then help figure out how to carry all of the picnic supplies out to the toon car!

What a fun DVD! We love that this show is extremely interactive and full of excitement. The characters come to life and are very entertaining for kids of all ages.

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Minnie’s Picnic

Featurette: Bow-tique Game

Minnie’s Bow-tique

Minnie’s Pajama Party

Minnie’s Bee Story

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