Disney’s Peter Pan Released February 5, 1953

February 5, 2010 • By Home

We bought a Disney one-a-day calendar and we LOVE that it keeps us updated on when in history Disney movies were released.

Today we found out that Disney’s “Peter Pan” movie was released on February 5th in 1953 – that’s 57 years ago!

The Disney classic is the fourteenth Disney Animated Classic, and begins in a typical London neighborhood as George and Mary Darling get ready to attend a party while their children, John, Michael and Wendy, head to bed.

That night the children are visited by Peter Pan who takes them on a flight to Never Land where they meet the villains Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, and the crocodile, and friends Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys.

The kids embark in an extremely exciting, and sometimes dangerous, adventure before their parents return home and luckily find them asleep.

Have you seen Disney’s Classic Movie “Peter Pan”?

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