Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” Soundtrack Review

February 9, 2010 • By Home

The Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” soundtrack hit iTunes today! Below is our review of the songs on the CD:

1. Starstruck – Christopher Wilde
You can watch Sterling Knight’s “StarStruck” music video here. Of course as the title track on the album it’s one of our favorite songs on the CD! Christopher does an amazing job on the entire album, but especially on this song – it’s so catchy and we find ourselves humming it throughout the day!

2. Shades – Christopher Wilde
What a fun song! The beat of this song caught our attention even before the lyrics hit. And the lyrics were just an added bonus! We’re loving Christopher’s rapping skills on this track!

3. Hero – Christopher Wilde, Stubby
We really like this song and the message Christopher Wilde and Stubby are singing about. It has a beat you can tap your foot to and it’s easy to sing along with – which we love!

4. Something About the Sunshine – Christopher Wilde, Anna Margaret
We’re loving this song! A little later on in the album Anna Margaret sings it alone, but we definitely like both Anna and Christopher together on the track – it makes it more “punchy” and fun!

5. What You Mean to Me – Christopher Wilde
This fast-paced soundtrack takes a break on this song as Christopher Wilde sings a lovely, slow ballad. He really has a great voice and this song showcases his talents really well!

6. Party Up – Stubby
Haha we LOVE this song! It reminds us of a song that would be played in a club. It’s fun, fast and repetitive. Absolutely one of our favorite tracks on the album.

7. Got to Believe Bonus Track – Christopher Wilde
This song reminds us a bit of songs from the Jonas Brothers. The beat is strong and we assure you that you will be tapping your foot and nodding your head along with this song as you listen. Love it!

8. Hero (Unplugged) – Christopher Wilde, Stubby
This is one of the slow songs on the album. Because you’re not busy dancing around your room when this song comes on you really take the time to listen to the lyrics and can’t help but smile “But if you’re the one for me, then I’ll be a hero.” We like this unplugged version just as much as we like the original version earlier on on the CD.

9. Something About the Sunshine – Anna Margaret
You can check out the music video for Anna’s “Something About the Sunshine” here – which stars Disney’s Sterling Knight.

This song is extremely upbeat and reminds us a little bit of music by Miley Cyrus’ alter-ego Hannah Montana or Emily Osment’s Disney music.

10. New Boyfriend – Anna Margaret
We really love the beginning of this song, it’s very different and the beat goes along great with Anna’s voice and the lyrics. We’re really glad Anna was included on this soundtrack! She does a wonderful job!

11. Welcome to Hollywood – Mitchel Musso
This song is from Mitchel Musso’s self-titled album – and Disney’s Miley Cyrus said it was her favorite song of his on the CD. It’s a great song that fits really well with the Disney Channel Original Movie “StarStruck” and the message the movie wants to put across.

12. Make a Movie – Jasmine Sagginario
This is our favorite song on the soundtrack! Jasmine Sagginario won Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing contest with this song, which she wrote together with her father. The song is bouncy and fun with a fantastic beat and great lyrics! We can’t help but dancing in our seat when we listen to this song!

The DCOM “StarStruck” premieres on the Disney Channel on February 14th. Will you be tuning in or picking up a copy of the soundtrack?

If you listen to the “StarStruck” soundtrack let us know what you think!

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