Disney’s Cinderella Movie Debuted February 15, 1950

February 15, 2010 • By Home

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Disney classic “Cinderella” movie.

This perfect example of a Disney film is about a young woman who is told she can’t go to the ball by her cruel stepmother, because she is too busy doing chores around the house. Cinderella is laughed at by her step sisters Drizella and Anastasia.

But the ball Cinderella is banned from is unlike any other ball. At this ball the King has decided that his son, the Prince, should find a suitable bride. Therefore, the King invites every eligible maiden to the ball.

Cinderella has no suitable dress for the ball but her animal friends help her to make one – only to have her stepmother destroy it. That’s when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother comes to the rescue and provides Cinderella with a dress and a carriage – made out of a pumpkin!

Cinderella heads to the ball, but per her Fairy Godmother’s orders she must leave at the stroke of midnight. As Cinderella is leaving the ball the Prince chases after her, because he likes her of course, and her glass slipper falls off her foot. The Prince must then search far and wide to find the lady the slipper belongs to.

Voices in the film include:

– Ilene Woods as Cinderella
– Eleanor Audley as Lady Termaine
– Verna Felton as the Fairy Godmother
– Rhoda Williams as Drizella
– James MacDonald as Bruno / Gus / Jaques
– Luis Van Rooten as the King / Grand Duke
– Don Barclay as the Doorman

We were wondering the other day what Cinderella’s “real” name was, and obviously enough it’s “Ella” and her step sisters in the movie added the name “Cinder” because she cleans the cinders out of the fire place. Interesting!

What do you think of the Disney movie “Cinderella”?

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