Britain’s Cineworld Drops Boycott On Disney’s Alice In Wonderland Movie

February 20, 2010 • By Home

Disney has negotiated with Britain’s Cineworld movie chain to drop its boycott of the upcoming Disney Film “Alice In Wonderland.”

Numerous movie cinemas around the world are threatening to boycott the Disney Movie because it is only running in theaters for 12 weeks rather than the usual 17 weeks.

Rumor has it that Cineworld chose to lift the boycott after Disney’s President of Distribution, Bob Chapek, assured the cinema chain that this limited release would not become a common practice for the Walt Disney Company.

The UK cimenas Odeon and Vue still refuse to lift the boycott they have on the movie.

Odeon issued the following statement: “As a result of Disney’s insistence on reducing at short notice the theatrical window from 17 weeks to 12 weeks on a major 3-D title, regrettably with limited availability of 3-D screens, we have been left with no viable means of scheduling and promoting Alice In Wonderland.”

Rumor has it that many Dutch cinemas are also boycotting the film.

We hope Disney works this out before the March 5, 2010 release date of Alice In Wonderland!

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