AMC Enhanced Theatre Experience ETX

March 4, 2010 • By Home

AMC Theaters has announced a new way for movie goers to experience films on the big screen with the AMC Enhanced Theatre Experience (ETX).

This new movie-going experience will have:
– 20% larger screens
– An upgraded sound system
– 3D technology
– Digital projection
– 12 audio channels with 50,000 watts of power

ETX will debut in the United States on March 5th at the AMC Theatre at Downtown Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort.

John McDonald, the Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations for AMC Theaters said: “We are proud to launch our new ETX concept for the first time in the United States at AMC Pleasure Island 24. We truly believe this premier location at Downtown Disney deserves the absolute best entertainment experience AMC can offer, and ETX is the cornerstone of that experience. With the upgraded screen and sound system, in addition to the premium viewing experience digital cinema offers, we believe our guests at AMC Pleasure Island 24 will walk away with a new perception of how movies should be delivered.”

The first movie that will get the ETX experience is Walt Disney Pictures “Alice In Wonderland,” which premieres on March 5, 2010.

Movies shown in the ETX auditoriums will cost $2 more, while 3D films shown in the auditorium will cost $4 more.

Source: AMC Theatre

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