Handy Manny Primetime Special “Handy Manny Big Race” Featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr

March 9, 2010 • By Home

A new Handy Manny primetime special titled “Handy Manny Big Race” is set to air on the Disney Channel on March 20th and features Nascar champion Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This is the second primetime special for the series, which stars the voice of Wilmer Valderrama. N’Sync’s Lance Bass is also guest starring in “Handy Manny Big Race.”

In the special, Manny and his tools will hit the motor speedway as a pit crew for the Wood Valley 500 race. Manny and the tools have to help Elliot fix up his used race car in order to enter the race, and luckily the car turns out better than expected, but not Elliot! Elliot is too nervous to drive! Dale’s character, Chase Davis, must step in to help out and Manny gets behind the wheel to try to win the race for the entire team.

During the episode Wilmer and Lance team up to perform a new song called “One Step at a Time.”

Dale said about the episode: “My 4-year-old niece is a huge ‘Handy Manny’ fan, so when Disney Channel approached me about doing this role, I did it with her in mind. It was fun doing it, and being ‘Chase Davis’ for a while. I know Kennedy will enjoy seeing me on her favorite cartoon.”

While Wilmer added “Like NASCAR racing, ‘Handy Manny Big Race’ is something the entire family can enjoy together. I am so excited that we incorporated one of America’s favorite pastimes and the legendary Dale Earnhardt, Jr. into the world of ‘Handy Manny.'”

The special will air March 20th from 7-7:25PM ET/PT.

Source: Disney Channel

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