Neil Patrick Harris In “Beastly” Movie Image Revealed

March 18, 2010 • By Home

Three new images from the upcoming CBS movie “Beastly” have been released – including our very first look at Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Will, who plays Kyle’s blind tutor.

Another image of Vanessa Hudgens and actor Alex Pettyfer, playing Lindy Taylor and Kyle Kingson respectively, has been released. In the movie still the two share a special moment outside of Kyle’s Brooklyn Brownstone where he lives.

The final new picture revealed is of actress Mary-Kate Olsen who plays Kendra, the witch who turns Kyle into the beast you can see in the picture above. In this picture Kendra is giving Kyle a chilling stare as he humiliates her in front of the entire school during a dance he never intended on taking her to, but lied to her about.

Click here to watch the movie trailer for “Beastly,” which is set to premiere in theaters in July 2010.

IMG Source: Beastly Movie

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