Justin Bieber “My World 2.0″ Album Review

March 23, 2010 • By Home

Justin Bieber’s “My World 2.0″ album came out today, March 23rd, and after listening to it we want to share our review with you!

Buy The Album on iTunes: Justin Bieber & Ludacris - My World 2.0 (Bonus Track Version)

If you’ve heard Justin’s new album be sure to share your own opinion with us here!

1. Baby

This is Justin’s first single off of the album, and by far one of our favorite songs on the CD! JB sings with Ludacris on this high-energy track about a guy wanting to be with a very special girl.

The beat is fun and Justin sounds fantastic! The chorus will have you tapping your toes and singing along in no time!

This song definitely showcases Justin’s talents!

2. Somebody To Love

We love the fast-paced opening of this song with the heavy drum beat. It pulls you into the song and gets you up and dancing before Justin even starts singing (which is just an added bonus!).

We can totally picture this song being played in the clubs with fans going crazy! Justin does fantastic in this heartfelt song about wanting “somebody to love.”

“I just need somebody to love, I don’t need too much, just somebody to love. I don’t need anything else, I promise girl, I swear, I just need somebody to love.”

3. Stuck In The Moment

This is one of the slower songs on the album, and it has some very cute lyrics! It’s easy to follow and sing along with while Justin shares the range of his vocals with listeners.

A great song for any Belieber!

4. U Smile

We know all of you know this song already! Justin wrote this song for his fans – which was such a cute gesture from him!

The song is slow, romantic and fun. We bet that this song will end up on the radio soon because knowing JB wrote the song for all of us will just make us request it more! Right?

5. Runaway Love

The beat reminds us a bit of Michael Jackson and Justin experiments with his vocal range in the song – which we love!

A different song than we are used to hearing from Justin, but we love the direction he goes in and we are a huge fan of this song.

6. Never Let You Go

We’ve heard Justin perform this song before, and we LOVE it! The beat is energetic, the song is beautiful, and we’re so glad this song made it onto the My World 2.0 album.

We love this song both performed with and without Justin’s band backing him up. What about you?

7. Overboard

Another slow song on the album with a very cute piano opening. Justin sang this song with help from Island Def Jam artist Jessica Jerrell. Their voices go so great together and the song is adorable.

“I feel like I’m drowning without your love. So throw yourself out to me, my life saver.”

8. Eenie Meenie

LOVE! This is our favorite song on the album and we have been scouring iTunes for it for weeks! We’re so glad that it got included on Justin’s My World 2.0 album!

Justin collaborated with his friend Sean Kingston on the song – which we haven’t been able to get out of our head for days!

The guys recently performed the song live – and we can’t decide which version we like better! Maybe you can?

9. Up

Yet again, another song which is a bit slower than what we’re used to from Justin – but we still heart it! The lyrics are cute and Justin is singing to a girl about how “baby we can go nowhere from up from here.”

Someday Justin is going to make some girl very, very happy if he sings these songs to her! But for right now his fans get to listen!

10. That Should Be Me

A cute song about how JB’s girl is with another guy, but all the things she does with him she should be doing with Justin. But really, who would leave Justin!? Love this song though!

“That should be me holding your hand, that should be me making you laugh, that should be me, this is so sad.”

11. Kiss And Tell (Bonus Track)

This is one of our favorite songs on the album. We love that Justin talks about Twitter and Facebook while talking about the chemistry between a guy and girl.

“I don’t want to see a tweet about JB, cuz the only people that you know is you and me.”

The song is all about Justin finding a girl who wont tell the world that they are dating, and instead promises to keep it between themselves.

“Don’t tell your homies, don’t tell your mama, don’t tell your girlfriend, that’ll start some drama. Stay off that Facebook, i’ll treat you real good.”

If you couldn’t tell already, we LOVED Justin’s new “My World 2.0 album,” and we highly recommend buying it and listening for yourself!

Buy The Album on iTunes: Justin Bieber & Ludacris - My World 2.0 (Bonus Track Version)

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