Miley Cyrus Told Billy Ray Cyrus She And Liam Hemsworth Were Going To Elope!

March 29, 2010 • By Home

According to the National Enquirer, Miley Cyrus pulled a prank on her dad Billy Ray Cyrus – telling him that she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were going to elope!

A source told the tabloid:

“Billy Ray launched into a stern lecture, telling Liam his little girl’s way too young to even THINK about getting married.”

“As Daddy-Oh ranted and raved, Liam suddenly busted up laughing — and Billy Ray went bananas!”

“Realizing he’d better come clean before Billy Ray cleaned his clock, Liam quickly let him in on the joke and said, ‘Don’t worry – we’re not getting married. It’s just another one of your daughter’s pranks.’”

Yikes! We can totally picture this happening!

IMG Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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