New Disney Website With Teri Hatcher

March 29, 2010 • By Home

The Walt Disney Company is looking to tap further into the adult market, and they plan on doing this with a website aimed at women called; “A Chick’s Guide to Life.”

The site will be produced by and authored by Teri Hatcher, star of the ABC series “Desperate Housewives,” along with guest authors and experts on various topics.

This isn’t the first time Teri will act as writer, as she penned the advice book “Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life,” and often writes articles for magazines (including Glamour UK and Newsweek).

Teri says about her upcoming work on the new Disney site:

“I just want to create a go to respite for women where they can find a shoulder to lean on. I hope what you get from it is a sense of honesty, candidness and the understanding that wacky things happen to all of us. I love to get at problems through humor.”

Not only will the site feature articles, it will also feature several original web series – the first of which will be titled “In The House.” In The House will be a talk show shot in Teri’s home where she will interview a number of celebrities and everyday women.

“I want to carry on an intimate conversation with people. There will be no audience, no publicists. This is not about promoting your next movie. It’s about having natural conversations.”

Brad Davis, Disney’s Senior Vice President of Online Advertising Sales says about the new venture:

“Women are a core competency of ours. This is our effort to broaden to subject matters that addressing other aspects of [our audience’s] life besides being a mom. Teri’s a perfect voice to represent that.”


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