The Director Of “The Last Song” Talks About Miley Cyrus

March 31, 2010 • By Home

Julie Anne Robinson, the director of “The Last Song,” spoke in a recent interview about Miley Cyrus – from her star power, to her acting ability and more!

Were you nervous about working with Miley Cyrus, one of the most commercial young teen stars, and Nicholas Sparks, a big, bestselling author?

“I wasn’t, because I didn’t really know who they were. I knew he had written “The Notebook,” and had watched it and really enjoyed it. But he’s not a big name name in the UK particularly. And Miley, I didn’t know at all. I was sort of dimly aware of her. I should have been hugely intimidated, but I just knew there was something to pull together here and I needed to take control.”

Miley has done the ‘Hannah Montana’ films, but this is her first serious dramatic role. What was it like working with her?

“She’s very committed and very open. My job as a director was to kind of help, and just be aware of where the character was emotionally at any given point and where to place the actress within that. The thing that’s so great about Miley is that she’s willing to go where you ask her to go. That’s fantastic for a director. She’d done a lot of thinking about the character before she came to set, and also, this part was obviously written for her.”

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