Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth “The Last Song” Movie Review

April 1, 2010 • By Home

We were sold on seeing this movie not only because it starred Miley Cyrus and her real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but also because it was penned by author Nicholas Sparks who has written some really great books like “The Notebook,” “A Walk To Remember,” “Nights In Rodanthe” and “Message In A Bottle” that have been made into great films about falling in love and discovering yourself. Nicholas Sparks was brought on board to pen the book for “The Last Song” and to co-write the script with some help from Jeff Van Wie. Nicholas wrote the script specifically with Miley in mind.

Just as we were told we would, we laughed and we cried throughout the movie. And when we left, our overall consensus was that Nicholas Sparks had done it again – creating a movie that made us think and made us both sad and happy at the same time. But we were far from in agreement with fellow moviegoers when it came to our enjoyment of the film.

We heard a number of people leaving the theater with comments like “The movie was alright, but Miley cannot act,” and “Greg Kinnear really saved that movie.”

While we wouldn’t say that Miley was a “bad” actress, you could tell she was out of her “Hannah Montana” element. However, if you pay close attention from the beginning of the film to the end of the film you will see that Miley does progress and does grow into her character.

While we admit to not being able to take the beginning of the movie as seriously as we would have liked to because we couldn’t help but laugh at the awkwardness between Miley and co-star Liam, which could be due to the director shooting the love scenes first before their relationship had time to develop, we do think Miley turned it around in the end when she was playing a character more true to who she is as a person – a teen in love with a very special guy and a girl who really loves her family.

We would agree that Greg Kinnear, who plays Miley’s father in the film, really did make the movie what it was. He is a great actor who was able to play happy, sad and everything in between.

We were also very impressed with Liam – and we can see him holding a number of acting roles in the future.

Miley’s little brother in the movie, played by Bobby Coleman, was very funny and sweet – turning on the tears when he had to, but overall being a cheerful addition to the cast.

Miley’s mom in the film was played by Kelly Preston who had a serious role to play and played it well.

As we have seen with Miley in the Disney Channel Original Series “Hannah Montana” it takes her a while to grow into her roles. If you watch the first couple episodes of Hannah, Miley is a bit awkward and her comedic timing is off, but season after season Miley has proved that no one else could play the role of Miley Stewart like she can, and that without her the series would not be where it is today. We think the same is true with “The Last Song.”

The Last Song would not be the same without Miley in it, but she doesn’t prove that until the very end of the film when she has gotten used to her character and the characters around her, as well as grown into the story line.

Miley has even said in recent interviews that she is planning to hire an acting coach, and that she barely read the script before filming began – so she is only going to get better from here as she develops as an actress and takes her roles more seriously.

All in all the movie was cute, it made us laugh, it made us cry, it made us think about the life we’re living and it made us not want to take anything for granted – it made us do everything we would expect a Nicholas Sparks movie to make us do. And because of that, we would watch it again, and we would recommend it.

We loved watching Miley’s relationship with Liam develop, and we think that knowing they were dating in real life made the movie more special for us and that people watching who didn’t know they were dating may not have the same experience at the theater.

We think that part of some critics negative opinions about the film may be that we are all so inundated with Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana that it’s hard to see her with bad hair and makeup dressed very poorly and acting very angry at the beginning of the film. It’s difficult to see her fighting with her family and friends when all you can picture is the comedic timing of her and her father Billy Ray in the kitchen on Hannah Montana. And its hard to picture Miley taking a break from music in The Last Song when we know how musically inclined she is in real life.

For this being her first movie role out of Hannah Montana, Miley showed that she could grow with a new character over time. All in all we liked The Last Song and we loved Miley’s character at the end of the film.

Have you seen “The Last Song”? What was your reaction to the film?

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