Is Twitter Keeping Justin Bieber From Tending?

April 4, 2010 • By Home

Rumor has it that Twitter may have banned pop sensation Justin Bieber from appearing on the top trending topics list because he has been there for so long!

It is understandable that Twitter would want other topics to trend on their list – as aside from Justin’s name all of the other topics change by the hour! But if Justin’s fans love him that much to be able to keep him on that list for days on end then shouldn’t he be allowed to keep his reigning position on the Top Twitter Trending List?

Fans are STILL Tweeting about Justin despite his name being removed from the Trending Topics – making it pretty clear that Twitter is doing something to keep his name from showing up, as the following three topics were trending up until this hour:

– #letbiebertrend
– Beliebers
– #letjbtrend

But they have quickly disappeared from the list too!

Do you think Twitter has blocked Justin from trending?

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