Justin Bieber Thinks Of Beyonce When He’s Near His Fans

April 7, 2010 • By Home

When Justin Bieber is surrounded by fans who does he turn to? Beyonce of course!

“When I think about my fans I think of how I feel about Beyoncé. I really love Beyoncé and if I met her I would want her to say: ‘Hey sweetheart give me a hug’, to make me feel good.”

While Justin can’t hug every fan he always tries to give special attention to everyone he can – whether in person, on Facebook, Twitter, his concerts or through interviews on television.

So how did Justin feel when he did get to meet Beyonce?

“It was amazing. I was a little nervous but I told her she was very good-looking. Actually she’s super hot.”

Source: www.digitalspy.com

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