Justin Bieber To Work With Drake

April 11, 2010 • By Home

In a recent interview with Complex.com, Justin Bieber said that he and Drake will be working together in the future. Drake also makes an appearance in Justin’s upcoming video for his hit single “Baby” featuring Ludacris.

Complex: We saw Drake in the “Baby” video, which was a bit of a random look; how did that come about?

Justin Bieber: Basically, he’s from Canada [Ed.—Bieber’s from Ontario too], and we met through mutual people and became homies. He wanted to show love, so he came out to the music video.

Complex: Could you two ever work together?

Justin Bieber: For sure. He’s a great artist and we’ve already talked about it; we haven’t done it yet, but it’s definitely in the works.

Are you excited about Justin and Drake teaming up?

Source: Complex.com

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