Injured Marine Meets Taylor Swift

April 13, 2010 • By Home

An injured Marine got the chance to meet Taylor Swift backstage at one of her concerts because of a Facebook campaign!

Cpl. Evan Stratton got the chance to attend Taylor’s concert because people he didn’t even know showed support for him through Facebook.

Evan’s sister, Saryn, said: “It really only started with a couple of people, like our family members and stuff. We started posting our status, ‘Hey guys, join this group.'”

But it wasn’t just Evan’s family who joined the group – the group had almost 2,000 fans! One of them being Taylor Swift!

So how does Evan feel about Taylor?

“I love Taylor Swift. It was pretty sweet. I got to take a picture with her and a signed autograph. She’s just as pretty in real life.”


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